River Park Housing Project

As a result of the new governmental regulation in 1994, the Johannesburg City Council started a venture to build “top structures” on currently announced and maintained land selected for construction. This specified development project was called River Park and was situated across a tributary of the Jukskei River from the “well-known” then “white” suburban area of Lombardy East. On the east bank of the river opposite Alexandra, a traditionally local black township.
In its initial phase of the planned 700 family scheme, only 150 units were actually built and occupied.

The homes were two stories, well directed and offered high quality outdoor space in the surroundings while adding to an energetic streetscape. Highest possible interior size was accomplished within the reasonably limited spending budget limitations, providing a sense of freedom and size. The task signifies that that cost effective, high-density homes can be created with level of sensitivity to appealing design and style.

House Kennedy

The House is located in an extraordinary location looking over a gorgeous expanse of pristine wooded coastline. A vertical collection of solid wood columns stretches from the considerably slanted ground to aid a string of elevated solid wood decks facing out toward the Indian Ocean.

A bunch of ceramic pitched rooftops evidently articulate the mass of each area. The uncovered roof composition emphasizes the solid Ndebele motivated transversal geometry increasing the dramatic views to the ocean. The internal pieces at the periphery to include a perimeter of exterior decks, blending the boundary between the interior and exterior.

The living area is emphasized as a single level, the roof slanted to create an area for suspended bed deck mezzanines, allowing for several permutations of sleeping arrangements. Simple adjustments in levels of the flooring and ceiling, guarantees that areas are perfectly characterized however have a solid top to bottom and side to side continuity.

The house establishes a one of a kind setting that blends abstract architectural concepts with the necessity for regular, day to day living.

house kennedy