River Park Housing Project

As a consequence of the new political dispensation in 1994, the Johannesburg City Council embarked on a project to construct “top structures” (buildings) on already proclaimed and serviced land designated for housing. This particular development was called River Park and was located just across a tributary of the Jukskei River from the “established” white suburban area of Lombardy East and on the east bank of the river opposite Alexandra, a traditionally black township.
In the first phase of the proposed 700 family scheme, 150 units were built and occupied.

The houses were double storey, well orientated and provided good quality exterior space in the landscape whilst contributing to an active streetscape. Maximum internal volume was achieved within the limited budget constraints, giving a sense of lightness and scale. The proposal demonstrates that low-cost, high-density housing can be built with sensitivity to good design.

Points of Architectural Interest in SA

A few thought provoking Landmarks in South Africa

While spending a much needed week of rest down south in the Mother City, I spent a very enjoyable week relaxing at Ashanti Lodge backpackers Cape Town. It was during this time that I thought I would take the opportunity to write this article for my website.

Mandela Capture Site

Visiting Howick in Kwazulu-Natal, you must swing by and have a look at the impressive optical illusion steel sculpture of Nelson Mandela. The sculpture commemorates the day that Nelson Mandela was captured and ultimately led to his 27 years of imprisonment on Robben Island.


The Mandela Capture site should be first on your list of places to go when in Howick, but there is also so much more to see and do. The area offers adventure with canopy tours, spectacular views at Howick Falls, tours, parks and plenty more to keep the whole family busy.

Stay awhile in Natal and explore the area. Holiday homes, Guest Houses, hotels and unique accommodation are all available in Howick.

Gandhi Statue

Mahatma Gandhi was travelling on a train to Pretoria on 7 June 1893. He had a first class ticket on him but was ordered to move back to third class. Gandhi refused and was removed from the train and left in Pietermaritzburg. This incident ultimately inspired Ghandi to stay and fight discrimination and abuse in South Africa. He became famous for his ‘passive resistance’ method of nonviolent protesting. Today a bronze statue stands in Pietermaritzberg honouring the life of Mahatma Gandhi.

Pietermaritzberg has a lot to offer the traveller. A  Lion Park, Museums and plenty of Restaurants offering gourmet foods.  There is a large selection when it comes to accommodation, especially some beautiful Victorian style guest houses.

Castle of Good Hope

Built in the 17th century, originally on the coastline of Table Bay, this Bastion can now be found inland on the Foreshore of Cape Town. Today the Castle is recognized as a provincial Heritage site and is a very popular attraction to all sightseers. In fact tours to the Castle of Good Hope and hundreds of exciting destinations can be booked right at the travel centre situated in the lobby of Ashanti Lodge Cape Town Backpackers.

Since the Castle of Good Hope is located in the heart of Cape Town, it is easy to get to and from this Heritage site. Accommodation can be found nearby and travel arrangements are simple to do. Of course being in Cape Town there are numerous places to see and visit.

Huguenot Monument

Franschhoek, a beautiful valley between mountains is a definite destination for the wine connoisseur and lovers of gourmet food. The valley provides spectacular views and a warm welcome from the locals. Obviously the wine route is something you should do while here, but there are also many other activities available.

Visit the Huguenot Monument, remembering the influence that the Huguenots brought with them to the Cape Colony. The Huguenots immigrated in the 17th and 18th Century.

Franschhoek also offers travellers a wide selection of accommodation options. Why not make a reservation at the 5 star Franschhoek Country House and Villas. Found in the very centre of the Franschooek valley, offering a luxury experience like no other.

Visit: www.fch.co.za

National Women’s Memorial

During the Anglo Boer war, there were British concentration camps erected for the Boer women captured in that period. The Memorial and war Museum commemorates the many women who died in these horrible camps.

Visit and explore the museum to find insights into why this war happened and how the people survived in that time. The Memorial is also a provincial Heritage site that can be found in the Free State.

The Free State has a lot to offer including Boutique Hotel and Luxury Lodge accommodations. Stay and travel through the Free State for a wonderful and exciting experience.

The Union Buildings

The Union Buildings contain the offices of the President and is the official seat of the South African Government. The buildings are a heritage site located in Pretoria. The building itself is a masterpiece of architectural design, and the gardens surrounding it are beautiful. The avid sightseer must pay a visit here to see for themselves what Pretoria has to offer.


Fibreglass uses for Building and Architecture

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the manufacturing of fibreglass moulds ? The first and most common thing that would come to mind is all the things that can go wrong from the actual process of manufacturing fiberglass. The cracks, accidents, being cut and every other defect you can think of right? Yes. It is common that some people may be terrified of glass, I know I certainly am. Most architects will require the services of a professional fibreglass product manufacturer at some time or another in their architecture career.

However, that is not the precise approach to have towards the manufacture of fibreglass. The manufacture of fibreglass consists of many stages before it comes out as that shiny beautiful item. Fibreglass is no ordinary glass; it is quite unique in actual fact. Although it is not as a strong as the other fibers, it does have an element of strength in it.

With almost every product being made from fibreglass, it is important to know which products exactly are manufactured from this kind of reinforced plastic material:

Fibreglass moulds


  • Aircraft – With a machine that is so big and strong, it comes as no surprise that it comprises of some elements of fiberglass. Aircrafts were built as means of transport to arrive quicker and safer to your desired destination.
  • Boat – Just like an aircraft, a boat is also another method of transportation. Fibreglass is incorporated in the production of boats. No wonder the ride is so breathtaking by the sea!
  • Bathtubs ­– All of these great things seem to have some element or another of fibreglass in them. Bath tubs are also made from fibreglass. Bathtubs are quite strong; they don’t break easily if not at all. All the materials that are put together to make a bath tub are made so that you never have to worry about replacing your bath tub. Bathtubs are extremely common fibreglass products actually and quite often architects are required to arrange the design of custom items.
  • Storage tanks – There are some storage tanks that are made of fibreglass. Storage tanks are made to complement whatever needs to be stored inside them. Certain steel tanks are made to store chemicals in them and this is done to avoid exposure to the sun amongst other things.
  • Roofing – Some ceilings are made with fibreglass. The light weight effect of fibreglass plays a role as to why fibreglass is preferred. The most common reason is that wood is heavier to lift and build with as compared to roofing that is made from the light weight material of fibreglass.
  • Hammers and Axes – You might not want to get in the bad books of a person carrying a hammer and axe. They are dangerous weapons but also helping tools for building, hiking and camping. Fibreglass is produced into very fine materials particles that always leave a shiny effect afterwards. If you look closely to a hammer or axe, you will find that there are always shiny particles in the weapons. Shiny or not, they pose as a destruction mechanism so it is always advisable to keep away from children.
  • Swimming pools – Swimming pools are made similarly to bath tubs. The only difference is that a bath tub is occasionally smaller unless it is a Jacuzzi compared to a swimming pool. Swimming pools are made of fibreglass and that is probably the reason why we have some excellent swimmers in Cape Town.

Another advantage of fiberglass is how cost effective it is compared to carbon fiber. Fibreglass is cheap and that is why most companies prefer to put it as part of their manufacturing process. As cheap as it may be, fibreglass in correlation with other materials have made some great products and equipment’s.

House Kennedy

The House is situated in a remarkable setting overlooking a beautiful stretch of unspoilt forested coast. A vertical forest of timber columns extends from the steeply sloping ground to support a series of raised wooden decks facing the Indian Ocean.

A cluster of tiled mono-pitched roofs clearly articulates the volume of each space. The exposed roof structure reinforces the strong Ndebele inspired diagonal geometry heightening the drama of the views to the ocean. The interior fragments at the periphery to incorporate a fringe of external decks, dissolving the boundary between inside and out.

The living area is treated as a single volume, the roof sloping to create space for bed deck mezzanines, allowing for many combinations of sleeping arrangements. Subtle changes in levels of the floors and ceilings, ensures that spaces are well defined yet have a strong vertical and horizontal continuity.

The house creates a unique environment that reconciles abstract architectural ideas with the need for ordinary, everyday living.

house kennedy